Sungat Yessimkhanov

Sungat Yessimkhanov


Chairman of the WEC National Committee, Chairman of the Management Board of “Samruk-Energy” JSC

I welcome the participants of World Energy Week on behalf of the Kazakhstan National Committee of the World Energy Council!

The Paris Agreement signed by the leaders of about 200 countries was a turning point for global climate policy.  The strategic intention of the Republic of Kazakhstan to fully implement the signed agreements corresponds to the path of reforms pursued by the country.

Kazakhstan has intensified efforts to create state inclusive institutions to support innovation. Now there is an absolute understanding of the need to shift from extractive models of state institutions focused on the use of the resource and mineral base as a source of development to inclusive models based on innovative development as an element of economic development.

Samruk-Energy JSC, being the largest supplier of electricity in the Republic of Kazakhstan, plays a key role in the country’s ambitious plans for transition to low-carbon development. The main challenge of the energy transition is that green energy sources need to achieve grid parity determined by the country’s coal-fired power plants. The strategic goal is to create a low-carbon economy. Samruk-Energy JSC also pursues an innovation policy. It involves the transfer of technologies and participation in the creation of a scientific and industrial base in Kazakhstan, which would be based on the use of the best international practices and scientific and applied experience.

The readiness of the Republic of Kazakhstan to implement international standards is also manifested in the ratification of international treaties, agreements and conventions in the field of nature management and environmental protection, which are traditionally considered as sources of the national environmental law.

Security of supply, availability of resources, cost recovery, social responsibility and environmental protection measures are key components of the energy trilemma that requires a comprehensive solution from society as a whole. The main problems of electricity production are best solved in free markets. The ongoing transformation of business in the largest companies of our country ensures our readiness for these new realities.

Kazakhstan is the first State in Central Asia to develop a strategy for the transition to a low-carbon economy. We have made important steps toward developing trust without requiring any commitment to improve the international business environment or support for the transition from a resource economy to a knowledge economy. We understand the causality of decisions in world politics. As a country with a short history of recent independence, our plans are limitless.

We hope that, in close cooperation with the professional community and regional energy structures, we will successfully meet targets and reach new hights.

I am sure that World Energy Week, with assistance from leading specialists and industry experts, will make a worthy contribution to achieving the objectives. This will also be facilitated by an extensive exhibition traditionally held within the framework of the XIV KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum.

I wish the participants and guests of World Energy Week and the XIV KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum successful work, new ideas and professional achievements!

Best regards,

Sungat Yessimkhanov
Chairman of the WEC National Committee, Chairman of Samruk-Energy JSC.