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Press releases

The winners of the «Student Energy Challenge» announced

Today Shell Kazakhstan and KAZENERGY Association announced the winners of the Student Energy Challenge competition which took place in the framework of the IX Youth Forum under the XI Eurasian KAZENERGY Forum.


Press releases

Workshop delivered for teams short-listed from «Student energy challenge»

In accordance with the stages of the contest, eight teams selected for participation in the next stages will present their design works to the jury in Astana on September 7



Intermediary announcement of “student energy challenge” competition

“Student Energy Challenge” competition poses a challenge for the students of Kazakh technical universities to present creative ideas for improving or creating a new technology/technology component, product or service that would help to meet the global need to find more solutions for the cleaner future energy.


Press releases

Workshop for the teams within the short-list of “STUDENT ENERGY CHALLENGE” intellectual team competition was conducted

KAZENERGY Association informs that in order to provide support to the student teams in the quality design of project works, on July 26, 2017, workshop on “Creation of effective presentation” was conducted under the support of “Ernst & Young Kazakhstan” Business Academy in webinar format.


Press releases

Eight teams shortlisted for next stage of «STUDENT ENERGY CHALLENGE»

Shell Kazakhstan together with Association KAZENERGY, informs that in accordance with the stages of deployment of “Student Energy Challenge” competition, 29 video-resumes of the competing teams were assessed.


Press releases

Intermediate results of the stages of “STUDENT ENERGY CHALLENGE” intellectual team contest

In accordance with announced stages of the contest conducted on June 22, 2017, the deadline for submission of videoresumes of registered teams completed.


Press releases

Intermediate results on the stages of “STUDENT ENERGY CHALLENGE” intellectual team contest

KAZENERGY Association informs that master-class in webinar format on: “How to work in the project team for the project implementation” was held for the contest participants on June 20, 2017 with support of “Ernst & Young Kazakhstan”.



Intermediate results of conducting “student energy challenge” intellectual team competition

Registration of applications from the teams participating in “Student Energy Challenge” competition ended on June 5, 2017 at 00:00 Astana time.



Calling all students: have you got a bright energy idea?

Under the banner Future Energy, Kazakhstan’s EXPO-2017, running from 10th June to 10th September, will provide a platform for discussion around the energy challenge, and aims to attract some of the world’s leading experts as well as showcasing some of the most innovative technologies in the field.