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Baltabek Kuandykov

President. Association of Petroleum Geologists of Kazakhstan

Baltabek Kuandykov has graduated with honors from the Kazakh Polytechnic institute with specialization in petroleum geology. He has a PhD in geological and mineralogical sciences.

From 1971 till 1991 he worked at various positions in Ministry of geology, where he was engaged in oil and gas exploration in western Kazakhstan. He was appointed as a Head of oil and gas department in Ministry of Geology of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1991. Afterwards he held a position of Deputy Minister of geology. He served as a President of the first offshore oil company "Kazakhstankaspishelf” in 1993-1998, where he was organizing exploration works in the Caspian Sea together with international oil companies as well as national “Kazakhoil” company. Simultaneously, from 1993 to 1994 he was working as Deputy Minister of energy and oil resources. In 1998 he was appointed as General counselor for the CIS region in the "Chevron Overseas Petroleum" company in California, USA. Later he served as President of Canadian “Nelson Resources Limited” company.

At present Baltabek Kuandykov is President of the Kazakhstan Society of Petroleum Geologists” and is also President of “Meridian Petroleum”, which is a private company that manages oil and gas assets.

Baltabek Kuandykov is an honored worker of Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and he was awarded with “Kurmet” order. He is an author of more than 85 scientific articles and papers, including 10 monographs.