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Dr Valentina Kretzschmar

Research Director – Corporate Analysis, Wood Mackenzie

Valentina joined Wood Mackenzie over ten years ago and is a Research Director with Wood Mackenzie’s Corporate Analysis Group. Valentina’s portfolio of companies includes International and Russian Majors. She is specifically focused on analysis of the Russian corporate landscape, to which she brings extensive experience acquired over the past decade as a regional upstream and coal analyst.  

Valentina’s previous roles in Wood Mackenzie included: Lead Analyst for the Russia Coal Supply Service, Project Manager for the Russia Gas Multi-client Study ‘Finding Equilibrium – a New Era for Russian Gas’ and Senior Analyst in the Russia Upstream Research team.  She also contributed to many consultancy projects in the regional oil and gas sector, including asset valuations, regional gas supply, strategic and benchmarking studies.

Before joining Wood Mackenzie, Valentina worked as a Petroleum Engineer with Edinburgh Petroleum Services Ltd and Research Fellow in the Energy Group at the University of Edinburgh. She holds a BEng Honours Degree in Engineering from the University of Edinburgh, MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College, London, and a PhD in Clean Coal Technology from the University of Edinburgh. She is a Chartered Engineer (MIMechE C.Eng).