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We, the participants of the XI KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum “Securing the Future of Energy”, have gathered in Astana to discuss issues of systematic and effective development of international partnership in order to ensure energy security in the region.

We do acknowledge the necessity of oil, gas and energy industry development in new conditions, and thus we consider it necessary:

  1. To follow the course that will help us to overcome challenges threatening the energy security in the Eurasian region. To promote the strengthening of international oil, gas and energy partnership with the fullest regard to the interests and opinions of all countries in the region;
  2. To recognize the importance of fossil fuels in the long-term and stable energy supply. To ensure optimal energy balance, which includes effective development of hydrocarbon resources and development of transit and transport potential, taking into account changing geopolitical conditions and provision of universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy sources. To mobilize all necessary resources;
  3. To responsibly develop existing large oil and gas projects, taking into account their capital intensity, technological characteristics and low energy prices;
  4. To continue modernization and optimization of the existing pipeline system to ensure reliable delivery of oil and gas to customers;
  5. To actively participate in exploration works in order to provide stable resource base for the oil and gas industry. It will allow to avoid the expected production decline and will become a basis for energy security and a safety mechanism in the event of possible economic shocks in the longer term;
  6. To create the most-favored-nation basis in Kazakhstan in order to restore high technology geophysical service and science;
  7. To promote international integration of oil, gas and energy markets. To make every effort to ensure timely implementation of plans on the formation of common electricity markets by July 1, 2019, as well as gas, oil and petroleum markets by January 1, 2025;
  8. To accelerate technological modernization in the oil, gas and energy industry. To recognize the importance of innovative start-ups, modern technological solutions, new managerial and professional skills, as well as activate international dialogue on these matters in order to exchange best practices;
  9. To increase the availability of “clean” energy sources in order to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and their negative impact on the environment. For this reason, the countries must render every assistance in promoting competition between renewable energy and traditional energy sources;
  10. To give every assistance towards further improvement of the investment climate in the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan, by actively implementing financial mechanisms that stimulate realization resource saving and energy efficiency projects;
  11. To develop the newest intellectual electric power industry capable enough to meet the growing demand for energy services;
  12. To increase innovative capacity in order to achieve technological leadership in the uranium and nuclear industries. To improve technologies that will ensure safety of nuclear power plants in critical conditions;
  13. To commend the efforts made to organize and hold the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana, as well as recognize the importance and the urgency of the topic “Future Energy” for the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  14. To propose that the National Energy Report prepared by the KAZENERGY Association on a regular basis be a fundamental document about the future development of the energy industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We express our gratitude to the Republic of Kazakhstan and the KAZENERGY Association for warm hospitality and excellent organization of the XI KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum, and, in this regard, we would like to note the important role of the Association members and their partners in organizing such an important dialogue for the energy community.

We consider this dialogue to be the real contribution to enhancing the potential of Eurasian countries in the field of rational use of natural resources, exploration and production of hydrocarbons, access to energy resources, energy efficiency and expansion of “clean” energy production. We invite all interested parties to join the discussions on these important issues in the future.

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