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Timur Kulibayev

Chairman of KAZENERGY Association

Dear colleagues and guests of the Forum!

On behalf of the KAZENERGY Association I invite you to participate in the XI KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum.

The KAZENERGY Forum is an international flagship event in the energy sector of the region. It traditionally attracts interest of the countries across the world, international energy organizations, diplomatic missions, Kazakh and foreign energy companies, research institutes and consultancies. Success and credibility of the Forum are largely owed to participation in it of powerful policy makers and globally renowned experts.

Over the years, the largest international organizations, such as IEA, International Energy Charter, IEF, GECF, UNECE, IRENA, as well as transnational oil and gas and energy companies, have been the Forum partners.

The XI KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum will be held amid the sustainable energy development and "energy equation" solutions of the future. It will actually become one of the key events of the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017 "Future Energy".

Thus, the Forum will make a significant contribution to the common dialogue on sustainable development of the global energy and energy security in the region.

It will continue the dialogue initiated in June at the Energy Ministers Meeting "Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Energy" and the
8th International Energy Forum for Sustainable Development under the auspices of the UN. Such events draw attention of the governments and international organizations to global problems in the field of sustainable energy that need to be solved. In the course of this important dialogue at the Forum the heads and representatives of the global energy business will discuss the ways for further development of the sector, key challenges for the energy of the future, and optimal strategies of the national international companies in the field of sustainable development.

I am sure that the next KAZENERGY Forum, as before, will attract much interest, initiate up-to-date discussions on the situation at the global and regional energy market and the prospects for the sustainable use of natural resources. Forum organizers are open for thorough and effective examination of all initiatives and proposals.

I wish all Forum participants and guests fruitful work!