12th Eurasian KAZENERGY Forum will become a key event of KEW-2019.

This event – hosted by KAZENERGY since 2006 – has been the main international energy event in the Caspian and Central Asian regions. Traditionally, the KAZENERGY Forum stirs interest among the worlds’ governments, international energy organizations, diplomatic missions, local and foreign energy companies, research institutes and consultancies. Every year it is attended by more than 2.5 thousand delegates from more than 300 companies representing more than 50 countries. For many years, the Forum has been attended by influential politicians, distinguished experts, which emphasizes the high reputation of the event.

The business program of the Forum will include:

  • Plenary (or "strategic") sessions (with reputable leaders and representatives of governments, relevant ministries, international organizations in the field of energy and sustainable development, the world's largest oil and gas companies invited as key speakers to discuss global issues of world energy);

  • Panel discussion sessions to address relevant issues in Kazakhstan’s energy domain;

  • An interactive discussion with the participation of representatives of governments, relevant ministries of OPEC and OPEC+ nations, the OPEC secretariat, in order to analyze key factors affecting the global and regional oil markets, as well as to discuss possible development scenarios in the world and in Kazakhstan.

The event will make it possible to come up with partnership initiatives, which will become a part of the Final Resolution.