Nina Vilkova

Nina Vilkova
Russian Foreign Trade Academy

Nina Vilkova is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), member of Arbitration Court of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, member of ICC Commission on Commercial Law and Practice, and member of Russian Association of International Law as well as the Russian Center for promoting arbitration at the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

She is a Vice-president of the ISS Russia Arbitration Commission, a member of the Board of the Finnish Institute of Arbitration  and the Board of the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation as well.

Furthermore, she is included in the list of arbitrators of  International Arbitration Court at Belorussian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kyrgyz Arbitration Court, Arbitration court, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICAC), Moldavian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICAC), South China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission/Shenzhen International Arbitration Court, etc.

Ms. Vilkova has arbitrated in Russian, English and in French, and addressed disputes related to contract law, sale of goods, agency, commission and distributorships and construction contracts, as well as loan agreements.

Nina Vilkova is professor and has doctor degree of Juridical Sciences. She is also an Emerita Lawyer of Russian Federation by Decree of the President V. Putin dated June 7, 2004.

For several years, she has also taught at the Faculty of Economy of Moscow State University, and have been a visiting professor in Lapland University, Univérsité Paris 12 Val de Marne, and in University Nancy-II.

According to the research carried out in 2014 by the Global Arbitration Review, published in Great Britain, she was ranked among eleven highly regarded arbitrators from Russia.