Moon-Kyu Suh

Moon-Kyu Suh
President & CEO
Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC)

President of Korea appointed Mr. Moon-Kyu Suh to be President & CEO of Korea National Oil Corporation ("KNOC") in 2012. After series of mergers and acquisitions, KNOC's business was highly diversified at that time. Therefore, during three years of his tenure, he prioritized on portfolio rearrangement as well as streamlining core businesses.

For 35 years of his career in KNOC, he took various managerial positions in strategy and planning that enabled him to know ins and outs of oil and gas business. He also served as a representative of KNOC London office and of Paris office.

He became a member of the board and Executive Vice President for Planning & Coordination Group of KNOC in 2003. He was promoted to be a Senior Executive Vice President in 2004 and held the position by 2009 when he retired from KNOC. On his return to KNOC in 2012 he was appointed to President and CEO.

Mr. Suh is Chairman of Korea National Committee of the World Petroleum Council (WPC) and Chairman of Energy & Mineral Resources Development Association of Korea. He was also Vice Chairman of the World Energy Congress (WEC) Daegu 2013 Organizing Committee.