Meeting at the Airport:

Starting from September 22, 2019, a special information desk labeled with the event logo will be placed in the Arrivals area of the Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport and a group of our volunteers will meet you to facilitate your transfer to hotels.

Shuttle Service:

The free shuttle service will be provided to participants between the Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport and the official partner hotels (Hilton Astana and Wyndham Garden Inn).

All participants should send their arrival and accommodation details to the Transport Coordinator no later than September 1, 2019 to the following email address:, tel. +7 (7172) 79 49 70.

Please note that we cannot guarantee your transfer if you don’t send us your itinerary in advance until the specified deadline.

During the events, participants may use regular daily shuttles that will run between the venue and official hotels of the event (The list of partner hotels is available in the Hotels section of the website). The names of official partner hotels will be indicated on the windshields of the buses.

It is strongly recommended that you always wear your badge to have unfettered access to shuttle buses. The shuttle bus schedule will be available at the event information desks in designated hotels as well as in this section SHUTTLE BUS SCHEDULE.

Customs Control Information:

All foreign citizens arriving to the Republic of Kazakhstan shall pass through customs control. Customs declaration forms which will be provided by the airline staff before landing must be mandatorily filled in by those participants who carry foreign currency cash and/or traveler’s checks in an amount exceeding the equivalent of 10 thousand US Dollars.

More information on customs control is available on the website of the Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport.

Taxi Service:

The official taxi partner of the events is TaxovichkoF Astana:

You can install TaxovichkoF Astana application on your IOS or Android mobile device. Uber and Yandex Taxi services are also available in Nur-Sultan.

The average cost of taxi service in Nur-Sultan:

  • from the international airport to downtown Nur-Sultan is approximately 3,000 KZT (around $7-8);
  • from the Congress Center, EXPO-2017 territory to the center of Nur-Sultan Left Bank is approximately 800 KZT (around $2);
  • from the Congress Center, EXPO-2017 territory to the center of Nur-Sultan Right Bank is approximately 1,500 KZT (around $4).

To book the Official Taxi from the airport, please contact the event Information Desk in the Arrivals area of the airport.

Additional information on transportation services will be available at the event Information Desks at the airport, at the EXPO Congress Center and hotels.