Nikolay Gorban

Nikolay Gorban


General Director, JSC “CPC-R”

I am delighted to greet XIV KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum participants!

Energy has always been the key prominent sector of the global economy. Industrial capacity, wellbeing growth and social infrastructure development rate in many countries depend on a success in energy sector.

KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum is justly considered as one of the leading events in this sector. I consider it symbolic that it is Nur-Sultan that has become a center for global issues discussions, the issues having a direct effect on world’s energy development during the year of the 30th Anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence.

This year is also an anniversary for Caspian Pipeline Consortium. Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the most important founders of CPC. Within 25 years, since the moment shareholders agreement was signed, all parties of this international project made a significant contribution to establish a modern crude oil transportation company that became a major route to export Caspian crude oil.

Energy as well as the entire economy has never stopped evolving. We have been witnessing tectonic shifts and large-scale changes of a regional and global nature to have consequences for many generations to come. I am confident that this forum will enable us to exchange our views constructively and come up to the ideas to foster progress in the industry, to determine new areas for a sustainable cooperation necessary to develop science, industry and society.

Our crude oil transportation company gives a great importance to this event. CPC has a pleasure and honor to have an opportunity to contribute into regional energy dialogue.  Let KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum provide a new impetus to develop a coordinated approach to energy development!

Permit me to take this chance to wish Forum participants to have a fruitful collaboration, productive and successful discussions!