Имер Боннер - Генеральный директор Тенгизшевройл 


General Director Tengizchevroil

Dear Kazakhstan Energy Week Participants,

On behalf of Tengizchevroil (TCO), we welcome you to Kazakhstan Energy Week and the XII KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum 2019.

This year’s Kazakhstan Energy Week and the KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum offers the exciting opportunity to engage with industry leaders on the latest developments in oilfield technology, as well as a host of other issues the industry is confronted with today.

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the energy industry is adopting innovative approaches to safely and reliably produce resources that fuel the modern economy. Digitalization is creating new opportunities for companies to improve safety, optimize production and create value for the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition, data analytics tools are driving efficiencies across the entire value chain, helping companies to analyze large amounts of data faster, streamlining workflows, lowering costs and improving operations.

TCO has been a long-term partner of KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum, which is a leading platform for discussing important issues impacting the energy industry in the Caspian and Central Asia regions. The forum promotes valuable conversation on the energy future and provides a unique opportunity for participants to express their views on current issues, participate in discussions on the development of the industry, and share ideas with the world’s leading energy experts.

At TCO, we are proud of our contributions to Kazakhstan’s economic progress for over a quarter of a century. Today, we are building the future together as we invest in the latest technologies to unlock new opportunities for the energy industry. We encourage you to participate in Kazakhstan Energy Week and the KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum to learn more about exciting developments in our industry.