About Exhibition



  • A platform to demonstrate the results of the global application of the latest technology advances in the energy sector;
  • A platform for negotiations, transfer of innovations, high-tech products and investment services, as well as their promotion to the energy market;
  • Cognitive function to teach visitors about the role and importance of energy in society’s life.

The exhibition will have an unconventional format. The exposition of modern technologies and R&D products, development institutions and innovation infrastructure will be cluster-based, “dotted” format. Communication zones will be set up in order to help establish and develop contacts with potential partners.

A new interactive format is offered (virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain), which will allow guests to get more information from attending the event, while the participating companies will be able to present their products as efficiently as possible.

Interactive system for delivering information will include:

  • live 3D display/wall – the latest technology of 3D presentations that can be fully controlled by a special wireless device – 3D Pointer. Presentations are provided by exhibitors. In addition, basic information about the Forum may be displayed, including the time and location of sub-forum events, press releases, news agencies’ news from Forum events, etc.
  • virtual 3D constructor is one of the most successful and powerful solutions to involve a visitor into the virtual world of a company/product. It is very convenient to use as an interactive part of the exhibition stand. You can use it to “rotate” three-dimensional virtual objects with your own hands on a regular table connected with a special interactive system.
  • 3D visual online exhibition. It uses 3D virtual technology and online information system, and it allows you to visit the exhibition at any time via the Internet. Visitors can remotely view the exhibition in a 360-degree view.