SPE Symposium

Симпозиум SPE

Symposium program

SPE Symposium: Caspian Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility

Date and Place: 24 – 25 September 2019, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

The SPE Symposium: Caspian Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility  will be held on September 24-25, 2019 in Nur-Sultan as part of the Kazakhstan Energy Week 2019 (KEW-2019), which is supported by the KAZENERGY Association and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

About the symposium:

The past five years have witnessed great shifts in the global energy industry. Stakeholders across the value chain continue to adapt to the new oil price environment and pace of technological advancements by developing innovative strategies and processes to effectively manage cost and seize opportunities to create value.

KMG have made huge steps in the Health and safety aspects of its business. Going hand in hand with HSE along with the obvious is increase in efficiency, lowering of costs, increased recovery and therefore margins and also team motivation and production and the social responsibility of the environment that all O&G companies operate in. However, in today’s O&G industry this is not enough. The word ‘Sustainability’ is now being added to this ‘category’ with a multitude of meanings and responsibilities.

Sustainability of course covers green topics (water management, waste recycling, community investment and longevity of social projects and human welfare), the ability for the NOC to argue the rightful place of Hydrocarbons in the energy mix, but more importantly the ‘License to Operate’.

This symposium will gather local, regional and global experts and practitioners from the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors to share best practices, progressive approaches and innovative applications to enhance HSE performance.

Participants will have the opportunity to gain insights from influential industry leaders and subject-matter experts, and together address how the industry can remain ahead of the curve all areas of health, safety, and environment, new techniques, compliance strategies and community engagement approaches.

Main theme: Getting to Zero.

The oil & gas industry exists in an evolving business climate where emphasis is placed on leveraging lessons learnt and innovations to increase efficiencies and create significant benefit. In today’s corporate environment, HSE and sustainability plays an equal role in that business mix. HSE-SR management is going beyond systems, processes and competencies to incorporate wider factors such as human performance and cultural aspects to achieve and sustain good HSE performance that will enhance asset value and increase profitability. Being ahead of the curve is not only the ability to anticipate, but to also create sustainable solutions for the future.

More information about the symposium on the official website of the event – www.spe.org.