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Nanda Burke

Vice President HR Joint Ventures, Shell

Nanda Burke started her career in Unilever in 1997, after studying Business Economics in Groningen University in the Netherlands. She held several marketing and sales roles after which she founded and led the first Shared Services business in Unilever, Peoplelink. Given her experience in leading and managing change, she moved into the area of Organisational Effectiveness (OE) and joined Shell in 2006. After working on various OE projects in different parts of Shell, she became the lead for the Projects and Technology OE team in 2010.

Nanda continued her career in Human Resources as the HR lead for Manufacturing in the Netherlands, accountable for Shell Pernis, the largest Manufacturing plant in Europe, and Moerdijk, Shell’s chemical plant. After this role she moved to the UK to become the HR lead for Trading & Supply Operations, covering Shell’s supply and distribution network in 30+ countries.

In her current role Nanda looks after Joint Ventures for Shell in countries such as Brunei, Oman, Kazakhstan, Denmark and Egypt, as well as JV-specific HR practices across Shell.